Auditing competitors

Your brand doesn’t exist in isolation, and so your competitors actions will have an impact on your brand. Analysing how key competitors were explaining their proposition, helped us identify a core message which would differentiate this brand.

At the time this industry was quite niche, with the core offering being advising UK (and Western) clients on the Chinese consumer and their culture and habits. Although at the time of this work the market was in its infancy, over recent years the growth of Chinese tourism and interest in UK brands has been huge.

Our analysis of the competition was that their core messaging and references – both written and visual – simply didn’t fit the modern China and Chinese consumer that our client knew.

Having identified where we felt the competition were going wrong, we shaped brand messaging which genuinely reflected our clients approach whilst also more accurately representing the China they knew. The analysis informed a clear differentiation for the brand on launch, which enabled their message to cut-through to potential clients.

As the market has grown, so we’ve seen new competitors enter the fray, some of which have embraced a similar approach to their message. Constantly reviewing key competitors is key to staying a step ahead, and if that means evolving your own messages then so be it.


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