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Digital marketers, lend me your ears

Digital marketing – there is a great deal of focus on it and talk about it at the moment, which is added to by the proposed ‘death’ of traditional media. But are digital media channels as pervasive and influential as we are told, and are traditional channels about to die?

On the 26 May Professor Mark Ritson spoke at the AANA Marketing Deconstructed lectures, with a talk entitled Communications – The Death of the Traditional/ Digital Divide. Professor Ritson has extensive expertise in marketing and brand, and is someone whose opinion on the subjects I value highly. He is also not one to beat around the bush, either in content or in language, and so there may be things he says in this talk that you don’t want to hear if:

a) swearing isn’t really your thing
b) you’re a digital marketer

In a digital age where social media has certainly changed how we can make connections, Professor Ritson challenges how influential and useful these social channels actually are for brands. Using data from a variety of very credible sources he challenges the figures that are often quoted by the likes of Twitter and Facebook, and tries to actually compare these figures like-for-like with equivalent figures from traditional media (such as TV, etc) as well as how they relate to the number of actual customers a business might have. Essentially, he frames the figures we are given regarding social media users and interactions with the important information that is often left out.

He gives the social media figures context, and therefore meaning, and therefore utility.

If you assume that social media is now the dominant force in marketing, please watch this talk. If you assume that traditional media is ‘dead’, please watch this talk. If you are a digital marketer, please watch this talk. If you work with brand, please watch this talk.

(Note: there is quite a bit of swearing in this talk, so if you are offended by this then maybe don’t watch this talk).

Many thanks to the AANA for allowing us to share this talk.

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