Identifying and targeting audience segments

Sometimes it’s not quite as simple as having one audience for your organisation and offering. We worked with a leading football club to identify and clarify their range of audiences.

Depending on your offering your audience can come in all shapes and sizes, and so it is important to clearly segment these audiences in order to appeal to each of them specifically. For example, in this case football clubs have fans from birth (although admittedly they have little say in the matter) to old age, and so have to appeal a variety of ages. Similarly, wealth is not an identifying factor for the audience of a football club brand. Fans might spend every spare penny they have on their season ticket or want the opulence and luxury of a five star hotel in their executive box.

Using segmentation criteria (primarily behavioural and demographic) distinct audiences could be defined, and from this sub-brands were identified through which we could specifically appeal to a target audience segment.

Although the audience is diverse, and the ways a club will attract those different groups varied, the overarching brand of the club must be clear to everyone. No matter which audience they are attracting, and what specific messages we use to create appeal, they are always the same club and brand.

Football clubs are an extreme example, but many brands will have more that one audience segment. Make sure you know all your audiences, and how you plan to target each one specifically.

(work undertaken at 1977 Design)

Arsenal FC are a Premier League football club.

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