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Palmers FC – #5brandquestions

Palmers FC are a Sunday League Football team based in Essex.* They’re no different to any other team out there except one. They film their games giving viewers an insight into the ups and downs of a typical Sunday League season, the struggles involved and a spotlight for the average footballer that dreamed of making it big but ended up in manual labour.

We asked them our #5brandquestions

(*Oh yes, and their YouTube channel has as many subscribers as half of the English Premier League football teams combined.)

(When we talk about ‘brand’ here we refer to the ideas and attributes associated with you and what you do, as well as the ‘things’ such as logos and products. These are ideas or attributes such as who you are, what you do, how people experience you, what your defining characteristics are, what value might people get from it.)

Q1. Would you say that the development of your brand has played a part in your success?
A. This was never meant to be a brand or a success, merely a way a creating a few memories on the football pitch. Since it’s spike in popularity though, yes, the development has been a big part of it’s success by wanting to give a little more each time.

We rely on engagement and that comes from getting the viewers involved in certain decisions, listening to their feedback and being as transparent and open as possible which makes them feel part of something.


Q2. Can you tell us about any key ways in which you look to communicate your brand?
A. We just continue to use what’s worked so far and that’s social media. It’s a brand that’s grown solely on that but in turn has caught the eye of more traditional media with the offering of newspaper articles, tv, radio plugs and even season long shirt sponsorship. 

Q3. How, if at all, has your brand been influenced or shaped by input from your audience?
A. Massively, as mentioned before they are the backbone of the whole brand, without them we wouldn’t be getting the attention that we are currently getting. We know that and want to make them feel part of it. For example our club badge was created by one of our viewers in a competition to win the shirt, viewers get to vote on the man of the match each week as well as deciding the end of season awards such as goal of the season and player of the season.

Q4. Thinking back to when you started out, how has your brand evolved since those early days?
A. I’d say as a format, the videos that are produced each week haven’t changed a huge amount and the reason for that is because I know it works well as it is. Sunday League Football is something a lot of our viewers haven’t experienced so it’s new for them and by producing these videos I know it’s inspired many to get involved which is a great.

The thing I’m looking to do is give those viewers a front row seat to the action which is essentially what it is.


There’s been suggestions to get multiple cameras, cranes etc involved which from a production point of view would “look” great but in turn is only taking those viewers away from the action and turning it into something a lot more polished which Sunday League is far from. 

Q5. Is there any other brand (business, organisation, place, person, or any other) whose approach you find particularly interesting or appealing?
A. We all grew up watching Soccer AM which shows that comedy and football can be combined and this is something that carries through to our content. The videos are never meant to be taken seriously, it’s just a group of friends that meet up once a week to play the game they love.

We’d like to thank Palmers FC for their time and insight into the brand. 

You can check out Palmers FC and much more football content over on Smiv’s channel below

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