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Primal Branding – brand as community

The days of brand simply being the conduit for a one-way, instructional, sales-messages are long gone. You’ll have heard us say time and time again that brand must be considered a shared entity, so for a different voice we’d like to introduce Patrick Hanlon and ‘Primal Branding’.

Patrick is the founder of Thinktopia, and the author of Primal Branding. They have created a short video which introduces the seven elements of Primal Branding, in which they give examples of how these seven elements have been used by a variety of successful businesses to shape lively communities and brands. It is well worth 10 minutes of your time.

There is much written about brand ‘communities’ or ‘tribes’, with some very valuable insight in academic literature and papers written on the subject (Muniz and O’Guinn 2001, Cova and Pace 2006)  (please feel free to contact us to discuss brand community further). In developing Primal Branding the seven elements which have been identified as those our brains are hard-wired to respond to are:

the creation story

Watch the video above and/or read the article at the link below to hear more about how these elements can be utilised to form, and strengthen, the network and community of a brand.

Thinktopia is a strategic brand innovation firm that travels the world building communities around brands. Since 2002, they have been telling how brands build belief systems that attract communities. That work has attracted their own community of Fortune 100 companies, startups and nonprofits. Founder Patrick Hanlon’s first book Primal Branding is required reading within YouTube. Other clients include Levis, Activision, The United Nations and others.


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