Thread Bristol – an evening talking brand

What better way is there to spend an evening in a pub, with a load of interesting people, talking about something that you love – brand and branding? There isn’t, which is why we spent an evening recently doing just that.

Thread Bristol invited us to speak at an evening on brand, and so we were thrilled to be able to accept. We used the talk as an opportunity to do a little bit of (fun) research, and did an experiment on brand and branding. You can find out more about the experiment, and our findings, via the links at the bottom of this page.

As for the talk itself we shared some of our experience in both academia (particularly important voices on brand) and industry (our working methodology). An interested crowd made for some provoking questions following our talk.

The second speaker of the evening was James Greenfield, founder of Koto. It’s always a privilege to listen to people who know their stuff on brand, and so we throughly enjoyed and were inspired by listening to what James had to say.

All in all it was a great evening, and we’re looking forward to being at the next Thread Bristol (just not on stage this time).


What is Thread?
‘In a nutshell, thread was born out of the desire to bring the creative community of Bristol and the South West together through a series of inspiring talks, workshops and get togethers. These events are intended to act as a platform to help inspire and connect creatives from all walks of life. Designed and curated to facilitate discussion and encourage collaboration.’


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