Using the knowledge acquired through research, we develop a strategy for your brand. By defining your brand clearly you can make it simpler for people to see the value it might have to them. It is vital to shape a strategy which shows why your brand is worthy of their attention, time and money. This can include:

Identifying & targeting audience segments
Your audience isn’t a static entity and may well have developed since you had last considered it. If you’re not trying to reach the right people or ‘segment’ then you might well be wasting time, resources and money. We help you find ways of segmenting your audience in order to best create communication which they will find appealing.

Working with multiple audiences for the same brand


Leading group workshops to develop the brand
By creating a ‘brand working group’ for workshops, we can discuss the various elements of your brand, such as current culture, behaviours, experiences, services, products, etc and all analysis of the previous research. Ideally the working group should include people at various levels of seniority, to give a broad cross-section and overview of the business.

Bringing the whole management team to the table


Developing strategies to improve the brand
By focusing on the ways in which people experience and remember you, we can shape the brand. We use our own methodology to shape the brand, in which we clarify three elements
• the brand presence – such as identity, product and offering
• the brand meaning – like the values, character and purpose
• the brand context – including the market, audience and competition

Every brand, large or small, is shaped through the interactions and associations between these three elements.

Putting the raison d’être at the heart of a business


Creating brand names and/or architecture
Is your name still right for your brand, business, market or competition? You might have changed so much as a business, maybe through merger, acquisition, or a marked change in culture, that a new name would better reflect the brand. Also, if your business is part of a wider group, how do your brands relate to each other? Is your brand portfolio clear and best rationalised?

What’s in a name? Quite a lot really

Bringing multiple sub-brands all under one roof


Planning the activation and implementation of strategy
Once the brand and strategy are clear these need to be put into action, in short we need a plan. We work with you to define which areas might have the most usefulness to develop first. The plan is about defining how we can best implement the strategy.