Analysing market and opportunities

Working with a client who produced high-end, bespoke, chocolate gifts it was essential to clearly appreciate who their market was in order to focus on communicating the attributes of their product which would most appeal.

Although their product was essentially a promotional chocolate, this really didn’t do the product or offering justice. The product simply wasn’t comparable to most chocolate promotional items, as these are generally poorly made and mass-produced. Our product was the best quality chocolate and production, with each batch created specifically for individual requirements. It was in this creative and bespoke service that we identified the key market, companies who wanted the high-end, bespoke, and creative aspect of our clients offering.

With the market identified as those looking for bespoke and creative communication items, we had a clear idea of what we needed to communicate to appeal in this market.

We crafted the brand around messages and core propositions which would appeal to the specific market identified. This ensured our messaging and marketing efforts weren’t wasted, and we maximised the chances of converting interested parties into sales.

Chocart are a creative chocolate communication company.

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