Shape a brand that interests people

Your brand is no longer what you tell people it is, it’s what people agree it is.

Brand In Process is a consultancy for a networked age. Informed by rigorous and relevant research, we develop clear strategies which reinvigorate and redefine brands to encourage the interest and involvement of people. By planning and implementing a series of memorable moments over time, we shape a brand which delivers valuable change to a business – increasing engagement, audience and profit.

Either as an ongoing team member or a specific project advisor, our validated expertise and over 18 years of practical industry experience helps shape your brand for a digital age. 

We make brand simple by:


Being informed

Discover and understand what is shaping your brand right now through rigorous research. Make business decisions by being as informed as possible – guessing is not a smart strategy.

Do this by:

  • • researching current perception of your brand
    (bespoke questionnaires, media monitoring, one-to-one interviews, group discussions)
  • • reviewing current communication and culture
  • • auditing competitors
  • • analysing market and opportunities

Being appealing

Develop a strategy and plan by which you can best define your brand right now. Be clear on what value your brand has to people, and why it might be worthy of their attention, time and money.

Do this by:

  • • identifying & targeting audience segments
  • • leading group workshops to develop the brand
  • • developing strategies to improve the brand
  • • creating brand names and/or architecture
  • • planning the activation and implementation of strategy

Being identifiable

Shape a culture and communication which might encourage people to be a part of your brand. The better you can reflect your brand, the more likely people are to identify with you.

Do this by:

  • • clearly communicating the brand across channels
  • • developing internal cultures reflective of brand
  • • creating identifiable appearance and language
  • • specific communications and content creation

Being relevant

Listen to what people are saying to others about your brand right now. In an ever-changing landscape your brand must evolve with people to remain relevant for its current context.

Do this by:

  • • continually developing customer relationships
  • • managing platforms for conversations with people
  • • recommending KPIs to measure brand equity
  • • leading the brand to ensure continued relevance

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