B Magazine

It is always a pleasure to find some well-considered writing on brand, and that’s exactly what happened on a recent visit to Japan.

B Magazine is a publication coming out of Korea who offers ‘an independent perspective on well-balanced brands from around the globe’.

Each magazine covers a specific brand and looks into them in-depth. The case study on the brand in each publication might include opinion from relevant cultural or business voices on the brand, as well as comment from the general public. There are also interviews with people who have worked with the brand, and interviews with key people inside the company itself. In the edition I read they included a fascinating interview with Muneaki Masuda, who founded the brand Tsutaya.

The story of the brand is clearly told by the magazine writers, and all of this fantastic written content is supported by stunning photography. All in all it is a great read – a detailed, informed insight into a brand whilst never being too fussy or long-winded.


However, there is one down-side for those of us based in Europe. It seems that there is only one place to buy this magazine in all of Europe. If you’re happy to pay an understandably large fee for postage though you can order it directly from the B Magazine website.

It’s surprisingly hard to find well-written and independent (they receive no compensation from the brands selected) content on brand, so I’d say the postage costs are worth it.


Tsutaya – an evolving brand


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