In May 2016 Karhoo launched a rather snazzy brand identity programme, along with some marketing and comms which they have clearly spent some time and money on. It looked impressive, it had some character, it didn’t lack for impact.

In Nov 2016 Karhoo closed its doors. A lack of investment and the inability to find backers, meant that what was touted as a big challenge to the dominance of Uber actually ended up being no such thing.

In working with brand it is essential to remember that a brand is inextricably linked to a business or organisation (or person, club, etc). As such, the efficacy of the brand is reliant on people seeing the value of the business offering to them, and for the business to be able to run whilst this value is being explained and (hopefully) the people engaged with the brand increase in numbers.

If the business plan isn’t working, it doesn’t matter how great the brand is.


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