Researching current perception of your brand

Considered and relevant research is fundamental to understanding how best to move a business and brand forward. Using a range of research methods, both primary and secondary, we helped an innovative digital technology company develop a more complete understanding of the current perception of their brand.

This company already held a considerable amount of information, and so our secondary research included analysing existing NPS survey feedback, and Playstore / iOS AppStore comments from their core digital product. These platforms were rich in qualitative information on the brand and offering, and gave us a window to what external people thought of the brand offering, good and bad.

In addition to analysing existing research we also undertook primary research, for which we prepared a variety of questionnaires to be completed by all levels of management and employees in the company. By getting feedback from all levels of seniority we get a more rounded picture of existing perceptions. The questionnaires were designed to give us feedback on both what the view of the brand was internally, as well as what these people thought the external view of the company might be.

Comparing what employees thought the external view of the brand might be with the actual feedback from external people, we could highlight places where a perception gap existed between internal and external views of the brand. This gave us the knowledge to begin to close this gap, and shape a more authentic brand.

All research on the brand itself was given context by undertaking secondary research on the wider environment in which the brand exists (eg competition, market, etc). Without understanding the context a brand exists in we can’t get a full idea of how the brand is doing right now.

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