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Why Is Branding Still Like Molding Fog?

‘Everything in marketing but “Brand” is solidly defined and measured. But if you ask 100 people “What is a Brand?” you get 100 different answers.’

Patrick Hanlon, founder of Thinktopia, looks at what it is to be a ‘brand’ in this digital-age in this article for Forbes. The article includes comment from BrandInProcess, which you can read below but we would advise just reading the whole article.

“The days of brand being the conduit for one way, instructional, sales-messages are long gone,” agrees Paul Bailey of BrandInProcess in Bristol, England.

"Brand today must be considered a shared entity, one which is invitational rather than instructional."

“I am actually of the opinion that ‘brand’ always did work in this way, but that it has just become more obvious in this ‘digital-age’ that this is what brand is.”



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