Clearly communicating the brand across channels

Once you are clear on the messages you want to get across about your brand, it is time to communicate them people. In working with this internationally renowned sports venue museum, we helped clarify key elements of the brand and develop a strategy to get this message out to people across multiple channels.

Too often the communication – whether marketing, design, content, etc – isn’t being informed by the same clear and coherant brand strategy. This leads to mixed messaging and a confused audience. Confusion about what your brand does and its value to people is never going to lead to interest or engagement from people.

By working closely with the client across all channels we were able to ensure that the key messages were clearly communicated. With a brand which has in the past been perceived as a little staid and stuffy, it was essential that we consistently delivered messages that would encourage a change in perception to view it as a forward-thinking, modern, and dynamic brand.

Specialists delivering the communication included the museum design company, who delivered the physical experience, and a design studio who reflected the brand visually across press advertising, digital ads, large format graphics, promotional literature, and marketing collateral.

Communicating a brand can only truly work when the experience people have is reflective of the messages you are giving them. Why our strategy worked in this case was that the organisation was genuinely being extremely progressive, and the new museum was actually an experience which did show the brand and its sport in a new light. A strategy, and its communication, must authentically reflect the experience in order to shape a brand people agree with.

The perceptions of this brand have changed significantly in recent years, but there is always more work to do in shaping the brand for the future.

(work undertaken at 1977 Design)

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum is the largest tennis museum in the world.

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