Developing internal cultures reflective of brand

When running a business there are two key aspects – what you do and how you do it. Very often what you do as a business doesn’t make you unique or identifiable, which is why it is essential for a brand to develop a clear internal culture which gives you your identity. It is this culture which sets you apart and makes you, you.

In a previous life the founder of Brand In Process founded and ran a design studio. As an offering, graphic design and visual communication is an extremely competitive sector. There are many studios which can do what you do, and so it is vital to shape a culture which will both attract the best design talent to work for you and also interest the kind of clients you want to work with.

In continually shaping an internal culture, it is all about what you do rather than what you say you do. The culture we hoped to create was one of friendly collaboration, support, and sharing – firstly internally and then externally with partners, suppliers and clients. Some of the ways we developed this were through creating; a physical working environment which enabled conversation, working practises which encouraged collaboration, a clear work / life balance, as far as possible a non-hierarchical structure, and giving employees responsibility and autonomy.

The culture was key to maybe not necessarily winning new clients initially, but it was certainly valuable in retaining clients over the years. Clients who bought into the culture of sharing ideas and responsibility felt like a part of the studio, and came back to us time and time again. By creating an open culture we encouraged mutual understanding, both internally and then externally.

Communication may attract people initially, but developing a culture can retain people and build more long-lasting relationships.


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