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At the heart of our work is shaping brands so that they will resonate with people. When working with a small business advice company we first helped define their core propositions, and then shaped the brand from there.

We often find that businesses, and in particular management teams, have a pretty good appreciation of where their aspire their brand to be. It is our role to help guide them and shape their brand to a place which clearly defines the reason it exists, and importantly why people should see value in it to them.

The core reason for being in this instance was three fold – to be a community for peer support, to be a place to go to for advice, and to be a voice for small business to Government. Once this core raison d’être was defined we were able to wrap the brand around it.

The bottom line is, people need to know why they should care that your brand exists. Many businesses aren’t able to articulate this, which is where our work is so valuable.

Using the previously completed research and group discussions, we firstly clarified the key concepts of the brand, such as the value, character and ideology. This ensures that people are clear on what you stand for and how they will experience you. We then defined the things which give the brand presence, such as the language, appearance, symbols and offering. These reflected the concepts of the brand but gave them form and identity. Finally we gave the brand context by understanding the environment within which it exists, researching the competition, outsiders, audience and market. This ensures that we have a fuller picture of how people will experience our brand, by understanding what people might relate it to.

This three layered brand model, with the brand raison d’être at its heart, gave us the flexibility to shape a coherent brand and strategy from which to inform all future communications, without being so rigid it becomes restrictive.

The brand of this client has actually evolved further since we worked on it, as it should do, and the business has grown significantly both in members and in profile.


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