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Even in a digital age, there is often no substitute for getting a group together to sit around a table and discuss the completed research and their views on the brand.

When working with a digital technology company we organised a round table discussion in which all members of the management team were involved, from marketers to technologists, and so flew to the continent for a long sit down and chat.

In creating a ‘brand working group’, which included all specialisms within the company, we were able to facilitate a discussion which brought together differing viewpoints on the brand. Each part of the company had their own views and experiences, and in sharing these we were able to help develop a more inclusive understanding of how people felt the brand was currently progressing.

Taking time to bring together varying views on the direction of the brand is essential to create a point from which we can develop a unified and clear brand message for the business.

During round table discussions there are often differing opinions on the brand, but this is precisely why we do these sessions. In bringing differing opinions into the open we are able to reconcile them each to bring the group to a mutual decision of how the brand might develop.

We left the workshop with invaluable content, and it is this which gave us the basis from which to shape a clearly defined brand, one which will help drive the business forward from an agreed view and strategy.

Working with our own brand model we were able to define a brand which better reflects the business and will inform all future communication and culture from the organisation.

(I’m sure you’ll appreciate, as the brand strategy is at the heart of the business strategy, we simply can’t go into specific detail here. We’re not in the business of giving client secrets away)


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